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Four faced Rudraksha has four natural lines from head to bottom at equal distance. This Rudraksha is blessed by Lord Brahma who is responsible for creation of whole Universe. In this Rudraksha power of Brahma exists in its whole effectiveness and Divinity. Being influenced by the creative wisdom of the four headed Lord Brahma, it gives the wearer the creative power and provides him learning and knowledge and all the four results Dharma, Aurth, Kam, Moksha.As per scriptures and PuranasAs per Mahabharta, One who wears four mukhi Rudraksha attains the level of Dwij, and transforms himself to a totally new personality and assumes a new and better role in life.

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Four mukhi Rudraksha is worn to enhance communication skills. This Rudraksha  Bead represents the energy of Brihaspati or Guru. Dev Guru Brihaspati is known as the the guru (teacher) of all the Hindu Devas (Gods). With 4 mukhi, the wearer gains wisdom and immense knowledge. The energy of the Guru which is inherent in a Original 4 mukhi Rudraksha  helps in realizing all the four levels of knowledge which are:

  • Jagrit meaning the waking state,
  • swapna meaning the dream state,
  • sushupti meaning the deep sleep and
  • turiya meaning the super conscious state of consciousness.

Planet Jupiter rules the chaar Mukhi Rudraksha and helps those with timid, shy or suppressed nature to attain a growing sense of uniqueness, self-confidence, and creativity.  It helps the wearer gain power of knowledge and creativity. It also expands memory power, vocal power, wit and intelligence. The wearer gains the power of winning in debates and a melodious speech.

Importance of four Mukhi Rudraksha:

  • It represents knowledge and creativity
  • It helps to remove intellectual dullness and in obtaining spiritual faith and insight
  • The four mukhi is an aid in meditation and spiritual sadhana
  • It helps those with timid, shy or suppressed predisposition and enables them to attain a growing sense of uniqueness, self-worth and creativity


4 mukhi rudraksha benefits:

  • It helps singers and public speakers achieve greater success in their respective field
  • The wearer becomes organized and systematic in his/her thinking, expression including communication and behavior
  • It makes the wearer witty, logical and intelligent
  • It is highly beneficial for students, scholars, teachers, writers, journalists and researchers.
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