Pearl Stone

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The Pearl Harmonizes Chandra,the moon which directly influences  emotions, mind, affluence and publick wearing a pearl can bring harmony and stability to these influences.Moon  influences the seasonal, monthly and daily cycles and rhythms in the physcology and our emotions .

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Pearlstone is a beautiful white gemstone and it represents Queen in astrology. Pearlstone is also known as Queen of Sea. The best thing about Pear stone benefits is that it does not give malefic effect to the wearer.

Pearl is commonly known as Moti Ratna in astrology terms. In this article, you will read about the various types of Pearl gemstones, benefits of Pearl, Rituals or Wearing Methods of Pearl and how you can buy high-quality gemstone. So, read the article till the end.

Moon is the ruling planet of Pearl. Many people wear Pearl stone ring as it enhances their personality and outer beauty. Let’s talk about the various and different aspects of Pearl gemstone.

Pearl is the lucky stone of Moon and moon signifies mental stability and psyche. To increase the beneficial effects of Moon, people should wear Pearlstone. The most important thing about this stone is that you can embed it in beautiful jewellery. pearl stone necklaces are hot in demand in the Gemstone Jewellery market. Anyone can wear this beautiful white magical stone.

Who should use pearl?

Basically, the person who belongs to Cancer ascendant, Scorpio ascendant and Pisces ascendant can use white pearl.It is recommended for the person who belongs cancer sign can get the benefits of the pearl.If the planet Moon is debilitated and afflicted, the pearl helps immensely especially, during the mahadasa and antardasa of Moon.This influence is represented by the hypothalamus in our physcology which controls our behaviour , our emotions , our hormonal and reproductive cycles and our body temperature.

Benefits of wearing pearl

Pearl is used to remove the evil effects of moon and in turn it strengthens the mind force and increases the good sleep. Pearl is very useful for ladies as it increases the their beauty and facial luster. It develops good harmony between husband and wife. Pearl in combination with Rudraksha helps to solve problems related to depression and pessimism. It inspires love and faith between the two partners.

What is Professions which are benefited by wearing this stone of pearl?

Any business associated with arts, medicines, medicinal oils, perfumes, milk, oil, beverages, ship building, exports and important, vegetables and flowers are benefited by the gem pearl.People associated with business like cinema, drama, agriculture, cloth, photo studio, sculpture, painting and writing can take benefit after wearing pearl.People associated with aqua culture, geography, research, philosophy, sports,  computers, hotels and jewellery can benefit from pearl stone.

How to use pearl?

The pearl should get set with silver / Gold / Bronj and should be worn on Thursday morning of bright fortnight.The ring for Moon should be washed with water before wearing. The following mantra should be recited before wearing.

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